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Best Cakes in Hyderabad

Lady Doctor Cake - 2 Kg SKU :COCAK1087
This cake is a tribute to all the lady doctors. Wish them on birthdays, doctor’s day and graduation day with this delectable cake. This cake can be baked in the flavor of your choice.
Vendor Code: CO746 Lovely Time Cake - 2 Kg SKU :COCAK1096
Celebrate your lovely memorable moments with your special someone with this appealing designer cake. This cake not only looks good but also tastes good and is available in a variety of flavors.
Vendor Code: CO755
Panda Cake - 3Kg SKU :COCAK958
Order Panda Cake online to surprise your kid on his special day! We have kids cakes in a variety of flavors giving you the freedom to pick your child's favorite.
Vendor Code: CO602
Peacock Cake - 5 Kg SKU :COCAK984
Romantic peacock cake. An outstanding combination of blue peacock and green cake is Simply fantastic. This cake is symbolic of new beginning and eternal life.
Vendor Code: CO634 Pharmacy Graduation Cake - 3 Kg
Did your sibling or …

Online Birthday Cake Delivery in Hyderabad

Rich Caramel Cake SKU :COCAK1121
Made with the freshest of ingredients, under the supervision of the best of cooks in the cleanest of kitchens, this cake is sure to allure one and all with its deceptive simplicity. Yet when you taste it, this delightful Caramel cake makes you swoon over it. The splash of caramel is spread across the upper layer of the cake so as to feel the flavor in every bite.
Vendor Code: CO934 Rainbow Sugar Free Cake - 1.5 KG
They say ‘keep looking up there, may be a rainbow is waiting for you’. Well, here is a sugar free rainbow cake just for you. Relish this delicious vibrant cake with your special ones on special occasions.
Vendor Code: CO688
Pineapple Swirl Sugar Free Cake SKU :COCAK1037
Sugar free pineapple swirl cake looks very attractive This layered dome shaped cake is topped with lovely edible flowers and suitable for any special event. Send this cake to your family, friends or relatives on their special day.
Vendor Code: CO685 Stra…

Cake Designs Birthday

Voguish Chocolate Cake SKU :COCAK1133
This trendy delectable cake with a contemporary design would be the perfect gift to your loved ones this New Year. Order this cake and have a chocolaty for christmas and New Year 2018.
Vendor Code: CO987 The Violen Raaga Cake - 1.5 Kg SKU :COCAK980
Thick chocolate stuffing coated with rich vanilla cream gets you into the feeling of row of violens playing together. This could be the best ever surprise gift to the music lovers and your special someone's. Mouth watering thick chocolate makes you spell bound and makes you experience the whole new musical wonder land.
Vendor Code: CO630 The Musicians Piano Cake - 1.5 Kg
This cake with the notes of music and chords of happiness helps to find your self in the whole new musical wonder land. Surprise your loved ones with the creamy and chocolaty musical magic. A very beautiful cake for the themed parties and also for the music lovers. So get away into the joy of humming.
Vendor Code:…

Cakes For Birthday

Exotic Chocolate Cake SKU :COCAK900
A typical chocolate cake is hard enough to resist but when it is topped with an exotic touch, it becomes impossible to stay away from it. To woo your loved ones on special occasions, we have a great looking cake that looks and tastes exotic!
Vendor Code: CO519
Duck Love Cake - 2Kg SKU :COCAK934
Yummy, delightful, and aesthetic, this cake works for any occasion! Get-togethers or birthdays, order this delicious cake and have it delivered at your doorstep. What's more, we can bake it for you in any flavor of your choice!
Vendor Code: CO579 Colorful Polka Dots Cake - 1.5 Kg SKU :COCAK1099
Who doesn’t like polka dots? Well, here is a luscious colorful polka dots cake for special occasions like birthdays. Kids would simply love this cake as the cake is beautifully decorated with bright colorful polka dots.
Vendor Code: CO758 Flowery Festive Cake SKU :COCAK1014
A perfect cake for a perfect occasion.It's exceptional design makes your occasion…

Online Birthday Cake

Baby Shower Themed CupCakes - 6 Pcs SKU :COCAK1270
The Baby Themed CupCakes is one of the best-sellers in Country Oven. This cupcake is especially prepared to soothe the taste buds of all the cupcakes-lovers out there.

Type : Semi - FondantFlavour: VanillaQuantity:6 Vendor Code: CupCake04
Chess Cake SKU :COCAK1021
Happy Birthday rolled fondant designed in black and white checks design and beautifully engraved as happy 18th birthday makes it very special.By this cake it makes a very sophisticated way of celebrating a special birthday and as an addition to it a sweet bow is tied around the cake which makes it look even sophisticated.
Vendor Code: CO670 Bee Cake - 4Kg
Bees are cute, bees are helpful, and bees are the most hard working creatures. May be teach your little one a silent lesson while delighting her on her birthday? Gift her our yummy bee cake that promises happiness as well as realization to work hard! Hint: You could be the storyteller for all the little gu…

Diwali Gifts For Family

Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolates - 177 Gms SKU :CODIW333

A blend of Rich ingredients and Cadbury milk chocolate presented in an elegant gift box. Each box contains Almonds, Cashews & Raisins enrobed in rich chocolate. Enrich festival celebrations with your friends and family with this special assorted chocolate box. Makes for a perfect and memorable gift!

Vendor Code: Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolates Orange Halwa About
SKU :CODIW331 Orange Halwa
Orange halwa is prepared with a perfect mix of Orange, Sugar, All-purpose flour, Ghee, Vegetable Oil and natural flavours
Brand: Glodely
Vendor Code: GH-OH
Pineapple Halwa About
Pineapple Halwa
Pineapple halwa is a perfect blend of Pineapple, Sugar, All-purpose flour, Ghee, Vegetable Oil and natural flavours
Brand: Glodely Vendor Code: GH-PNH Pista Halwa
Pista Halwa
Pista Halwa is made with Pista, Sugar, All-purpose flour, Ghee, Vegetable Oil and natural flavours
Brand: Glodely
Vendor Code: GH-PH
Silver Dial Stainles…

Diwali Gifts 2018 to India

Diyas with Diwali Mug About Diyas with Diwali Mug This is a perfect hamper that you can gift to your loved ones on the special occasion of Diwali along with green floral diyas. Hamper Includes:

Festive Special Green Floral Candle Diyas (DIDEC1544)Fire Crackers Mug (COMUG10)

Vendor Code: DH005 Mixed Fruit Halwa About Mixed Fruit Halwa Mixed Halwa is an assortment of fruits, Sugar, All-purpose flour, Ghee, Vegetable Oil and natural flavours.
Brand: Glodely

Vendor Code: GH-MFH Diyas with Bouquet Hamper About Diyas with Bouquet Hamper
Celebrate the love that you have for your near and dear ones by presenting them with this hamper. This attractive and delectable combo comprises of Flower bouquet and a set of diyas. This gift hamper will surely make your loved ones happy. Hamper Includes:

Yellow Flower Wax Candle Diyas (DIDEC1546)Rosy Magic Bouquet (CFF381) Vendor Code: DH004 Titan On Trend Anthracite Dial Multifunction Watch About

Titan On Trend Anthracite Dial Multifunction Watch Ow…

Latest Diwali Gifts 2018

Online Diwali Gifts in India

Diwali is one of the most prominent festivals of Hindu culture. It’s not just the festival of lights, but of the victory of good over evil. Diwali is a four-day celebration, which literally illuminates the country with its brilliance and dazzles people with its joy. The Diwali festival falls on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartik, so it varies every year.

Why is it celebrated?
Similar to other Indian festivals, people of different regions in India celebrate the festival in different ways. Historically, Diwali can be traced back to ancient India. It was celebrated as an important harvest festival. However, there are various legends pointing to the origin of Diwali.Some believe it to be the celebration of the goddess of wealth- Laxmi’s wedding with Lord Vishnu. Others use it as a celebration of her birthday, as Lakshmi is said to have been born on the new-moon day of Kartik.
In Bengal, the festival is dedicated to the worship of Mother Kali, the dark …