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Sweets Online

   Send Sweets Online to INDIA   Sweets and Savouries Home Delivery in INDIA The sweetness, joy, and delight that  Traditional Sweets to India  bring can barely be replicated by anything else. These sweets, made especially with milk, ghee, and other ingredients are one of the reasons why the world loves India! Come, celebrate occasions with our excellent selection of Traditional Sweets.

Father, A son’s First Hero, a Daughters First Love- Celebrating Father’s Day

The most important person in our life is our father and father’s day is the most important day of your life. Father’s Day is on June 17 th this year. Wish your Father on this day for all that he has done for you without asking anything in return except for your love and affection. A father is the one who teaches you how to walk, be disciplined, gives you pocket money, takes care of your expenses, bills and lovingly teaches you what is right and wrong and protects you from dangers. Fathers in the world are the most wonderful human beings god has created to take care of you in need. A father is fun to be around, he teaches you how to be brave, and he is the hero of your life. He is your special friend and advices you like a mentor you never had. All the fathers in the world are truly gifted to take care of their children in most caring and loving way. Fathers are the most deserving people in the world for he spends every second and every rupee on bringing up c