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Cake Designs Birthday

Voguish Chocolate Cake SKU :COCAK1133
This trendy delectable cake with a contemporary design would be the perfect gift to your loved ones this New Year. Order this cake and have a chocolaty for christmas and New Year 2018.
Vendor Code: CO987 The Violen Raaga Cake - 1.5 Kg SKU :COCAK980
Thick chocolate stuffing coated with rich vanilla cream gets you into the feeling of row of violens playing together. This could be the best ever surprise gift to the music lovers and your special someone's. Mouth watering thick chocolate makes you spell bound and makes you experience the whole new musical wonder land.
Vendor Code: CO630 The Musicians Piano Cake - 1.5 Kg
This cake with the notes of music and chords of happiness helps to find your self in the whole new musical wonder land. Surprise your loved ones with the creamy and chocolaty musical magic. A very beautiful cake for the themed parties and also for the music lovers. So get away into the joy of humming.
Vendor Code:…