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Cakes For Birthday

Exotic Chocolate Cake SKU :COCAK900
A typical chocolate cake is hard enough to resist but when it is topped with an exotic touch, it becomes impossible to stay away from it. To woo your loved ones on special occasions, we have a great looking cake that looks and tastes exotic!
Vendor Code: CO519
Duck Love Cake - 2Kg SKU :COCAK934
Yummy, delightful, and aesthetic, this cake works for any occasion! Get-togethers or birthdays, order this delicious cake and have it delivered at your doorstep. What's more, we can bake it for you in any flavor of your choice!
Vendor Code: CO579 Colorful Polka Dots Cake - 1.5 Kg SKU :COCAK1099
Who doesn’t like polka dots? Well, here is a luscious colorful polka dots cake for special occasions like birthdays. Kids would simply love this cake as the cake is beautifully decorated with bright colorful polka dots.
Vendor Code: CO758 Flowery Festive Cake SKU :COCAK1014
A perfect cake for a perfect occasion.It's exceptional design makes your occasion…