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Online Birthday Cake Delivery in Hyderabad

Rich Caramel Cake SKU :COCAK1121
Made with the freshest of ingredients, under the supervision of the best of cooks in the cleanest of kitchens, this cake is sure to allure one and all with its deceptive simplicity. Yet when you taste it, this delightful Caramel cake makes you swoon over it. The splash of caramel is spread across the upper layer of the cake so as to feel the flavor in every bite.
Vendor Code: CO934 Rainbow Sugar Free Cake - 1.5 KG
They say ‘keep looking up there, may be a rainbow is waiting for you’. Well, here is a sugar free rainbow cake just for you. Relish this delicious vibrant cake with your special ones on special occasions.
Vendor Code: CO688
Pineapple Swirl Sugar Free Cake SKU :COCAK1037
Sugar free pineapple swirl cake looks very attractive This layered dome shaped cake is topped with lovely edible flowers and suitable for any special event. Send this cake to your family, friends or relatives on their special day.
Vendor Code: CO685 Stra…