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Cakes to India

Gelatinous Surprise
Wish someone Happy Birthday or say Thank You or simply send a token of love their way with this double delight. A gelatinous cake, decorated with yet another cake is exactly something that would make someone smile, grin, and ultimately laugh in glee. Say it in a way that they don't forget, say it in style, say it twice in one go!
Vendor Code: CO258
Excess Fruit Cake
There are two things that you can never be tired of: exotic fruits and yummy cakes. We have brought these two together in the form of a fruit cake for you, which will make you enter a world of delight, happiness, and such amazing taste that you will never want to leave it!
Vendor Code: CO385
Harry Potter Gryffindor Cake
Celebrate your little ones birthday by sending this Unique round shaped cake as Birthday Gift.Make your little one's birthday more special by gifting this Harry Potter Gryffindor Cake from Countryoven.
Vendor Code: CO273

Cricket Pl…

cartoon cake designs for birthdays

Iron Man Mask Photo Cake
Order Iron Man Mask photo Cake online and surprise your kid.
Vendor Code: CO1220
BMW Photo Cake
Send BMW Photo Cake with our online BMW Cake delivery Hyderabad. We have many customized designs for BMW Cake and deliver all over in Hyderabad. We use best baking ingredients to make fresh BMW Cake and we deliver as per your instructions.
Vendor Code: CO1178
Noddy With Freinds Cake SKU :COCAP107
Noddy with friends photo cake is the cutest way to celebrate memories with your family and friends. Noddy is an impressive character loved by people of all age groups. Cake is available in flavors like butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry and many more.
Vendor Code: CO782 Courageous Avengers Cake SKU :COCAP236
Order Courageous Avengers photo Cake online and surprise your kid.
Vendor Code: CO916 Powerful Ben 10 Photo Cake SKU :COCAP339
Ben10 Cake is a rage among young boys! If your little one loves the toon, he will definitely love this …

Send Theme Cakes to Hyderabad

Richie Rich Cake

Do you remember Richie Rich and his Dollar shaped garden? We have a cake shaped just like that. Stylish and elegant, we offer a wide range of flavors that you can choose from. Simply tell us what you want in your order and we'll create just that.
Vendor Code: CO433
LV Cake
LV is a fashion brand that every girl goes crazy for and we are sure you have one friend like that in your gang. Gift her this yummy cake with the logo copied in icing and watch her oooh and ahhh at the beauty of it!
Vendor Code: CO421
Ferrari Cake
For the friend who loves Ferrari, there can be no better birthday cake! With the logo neatly copied in icing and the cake made with extra care, we guarantee that this cake will bring you smiles, happiness, and cheers!
Vendor Code: CO430
iPhone Surprise Cake
Surprise your little one with this iPhone cake and watch him jump up and down in ecstasy. While you may not want to buy him an actual…

Ugadi Gifts

Ugadi is the time when we enter a new phase of life making new resolutions for ourselves. It also calls for a celebration with friends and family. Gifts make the ultimate statement to celebrate such a day with your loved ones. If you are looking at Gifts for Ugadi, we have got a variety of it. So you can also send Ugadi gifts to India because we have a collection of fantastic gifts for everyone. you are waiting to find some surprising gifts for your loved ones – right? We want to let you know that you can log in to our website and have a look at our collection of Ugadi gifts online. You can also check out the personalized gifts we have for you are worthy to be gifted to your friends and family.

Some Special Gifts for Ungadi 2019:
Gift your loved ones this fabulous hamper and make them feel special on their special day with flowers and cadbury celebrations.

Gift your loved ones this fabulous hamper and make them feel special on their special day with red roses and a butterscotch cake.