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Send Sankranthi Sweets to India

Badam Burfi - 500 gms
Intricately designed handmade box to carry the love and emotions of people along with the rich taste of almonds. Badami burfi to celebrate the best moments in life.
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Kaaju Burfi - 500 gms
The rich taste of cashew lingers in the mind while the beautiful box makes the recipient feel very special. Send this cashew burfi on any special occasion. A sure way to please even someone averse to sweets.
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Kaju Roll - 500 gms
The sweetness of your love, the goodness of high quality Kaju rolled in to scrumptious treat for your beloved ones.
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Badam Roll - 500 gms
Ingredients: Almonds, Pistachios, Sugar, Food Color and other select Flavors.
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Paala Kova - 500 gms
Paal kova is a delicious sweet made from milk and sugar. The delicious sweet will give you a surprise with each bite and your mouth will explode with awesomeness!
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