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Buy Birthday Party Cake

Tangy Pineapple Cake SKU :COCAK843
The tang of pineapple when combined with the sweetness of cream gives you a flavor that you simply cannot resist. Here's a creamy pineapple cake that will satisfy your tastebuds while leaving you craving for more. Order this cake and you will come back for more. We are sure!
Vendor Code: CO462 Pineapple Heart Cake SKU :COCAK1188
Congratulate your loved ones on special events and occasions with this simple heart shaped pineapple cake. Though the cake looks simple with an edible icing flower decoration on top, its taste speaks volumes. Order this cake and relish the fine taste of pineapple in each bite.
Vendor Code: CO1058
Mango Surprise Cake SKU :COCAK1199
Brighten up your loved ones day by sending this splendid cake on their birthday/anniversary. Decked up in bright yellow icing this mango surprise cake is decorated with beautiful edible chocolate flowers on the top and tempered chocolate triangles on the sides.
Vendor Code: CO1070 Rich Chocol…