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Best Photo Cakes Online Delivery in Hyderabad

FB Photo Cake SKU :COCAP342
We all have that one friend who is a Facebook addict and who simply cannot have enough Facebook. To commemorate his addiction on his birthday, we have the special FB Photo Cake for you! A neatly designed square cake with the Facebook logo on top,which will not be forgotten soon.
Vendor Code: CO1185 Phone Photo Cake We present to you our specially designed phone cake. Gift this unique cake to your loved ones who love their smart phones a lot. You can order this cake of any flavors available
Vendor Code: CO1191 Football Photo Cake Football fever lasts all year long and football fans would like nothing better than a cake shaped as a football for their birthday. Children and adults alike will love this Football Photo Cake and since we give you the option of choosing the flavor, you can be sure that this will be a hit!
Vendor Code: CO1186 Transformers Photo Cake
All hail the Transformers fans in style with this extremely elegant a…

New Cakes Online

Red Velvet Square Cake
If you are in the hunt for a scrumptious red velvet cake to hearten your special someone, this Red Velvet square cake is your best idea. The red velvet square cake topping the mushy layers spell Love so well that would warm the heart even on the coldest of days!
Vendor Code: CO1239
Esculent BlackForest Cake SKU :COCAK1283
If you want to express your love to your special one then this is the perfect way to tell that you love unconditionally to the receiver. So, go ahead and place your order now!
Vendor Code: CO1230 Delighful Blackforest Cake SKU :COCAK1292
This Yummy Black Forest cake is a highly tempting gift for the one who is a big cake lover.This cake is highly appealing and could be a great attraction of your party.
Vendor Code: CO1238 Red Velvet Round Cake SKU :COCAK1294
Special occasions deserve something extraordinary and Red Velvet round Cakes can be your best bet for any occasions.

Vendor Code: CO1240 Decorated Kids Cake The cake is …

Father's Day Gifts 2019 to India

I love u Dad with Dryfruits Combo Let your Father know the same by sending this perfect Father's Day Gift Combo for him that has a Love u dad Mug and a dryfruits combo.
I Love u Dad Mug(MUG114)
Figs,Dates and Apricots Combo(each 200 gms)(DF018)
Vendor Code: FD06 Super Dad Mug Present this SUPER DAD mug to your dad whom you love the most in this world on this upcoming father’s day. So, don’t waste any more time and place an order right away!
Vendor Code: COMUG27 Mr.Perfect Mug with Dryfruits Combo
Country Oven brings this gift hamper to surprise your father on this fathers day

Mr.Perfect Mug()Delighnut Cashew -200 gms(DF022)Al Rifai Super Extra Mix 150 gms(DF032) Vendor Code: FD05
SKU :COCHO307 I love u Dad Mug with Mixed Cookies This Pretty combo shows an expression of love; care and affection.

I Love u Dad mug(MUG114)Mixed Cookies-1 kg
Vendor Code: FD01
SKU :COCHO303 Amazing Cake for Dad Send this amazing pineapple cake to your dad and surprise him…

Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Chocolate Cream Cake Zest the flavors of this delicious cake with your mouth smudged with chocolate. It is the cake which will melt with every bite and will leave you enchanted by its taste.
Vendor Code: CO1224
SKU :COCAK1277 Special Blackforest Cake This Yummy Black Forest cake is a highly tempting gift for the one who is a big cake lover. The cake is fully covered with whipped cream and topped with the cherries, giving it a fantastic look. This cake is highly appealing and could be a great attraction of your party. You can also gift this delectable delight on any joyous occasion as nothing can beat the taste of the cake. Go and place your order right now only at Winni.
Vendor Code: CO1223 Yummy Black Forest Cake This delicious delight looks so gorgeous that you can’t stop yourself from having a bite of it. This cake is beautifully decorated with the choco flakes and cherry on the top giving it a ravishing appeal.
Vendor Code: CO1226 Heart Shape Choc…

Fathers Day Cakes

Handsome Dad Cake
Send this Handsome Dad cake to your dad and surprise him this father’s day. Thank your dad for all the life lessons taught by him. This amazing cake is available in various mouth watering flavors.
Vendor Code: CO1030 Love You Dad Cake Celebrate Father’s day by conveying your warmest wishes with our specially designed Father’s Day cake. Thank your dad for being the strongest pillar in your life and let him know that you love him the most.
Vendor Code: CO759 Super Dad Butterscotch Photo Cake
Tell your dad that he is your superhero by sending him this specially designed super dad cake in delightful butterscotch flavor.
Vendor Code: CO1194
Superman Dad Photo Cake “DAD – A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love”. Let your dad know that he is the superman in your life and thank him for always being there for you and supporting you.
Vendor Code: CO1195 Grandiose Cake for Dad Treat your dad in royalty on Fa…

Birthday Cakes Online Order

Cricket Theme Cake For great cricket fans out there!! Here we present this delicious cake,shaped in cricket stadium with a pitch,a bat and a ball and added cake crumbs adorned all-over the cake. It will definitely be a pleasing gift for a cricket lover.

Vendor Code: CO671 Yorker Cake Best way to celebrate any achievement of a cricketer. Every winning builds a player even stronger make it a memory by celebrating it in a special way. All the decorations that are used like bat and ball etc are completely edible which takes this cake to next level.
Vendor Code: CO612 Cricket Playground Cake The lovely image of cricket playground is a tasty way to say happy birthday to his favorite fans. Delicious and rich cake is a hit with children of all ages
Vendor Code: CO201 Howzzat Cake For the Great Indian cricket fans..To cheer up a cricket player or cricket fan you can present this interesting Flossy Cricket Bat Cake on his birthday, achievements or…