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Birthday Cakes

Tasty Pineapple Cake SKU :COCAK1215

This bright and cheerful cake is sure to amuse everyone at your party. Celebrate joyous occasions with this pleasant cake. This cake is topped with edible chocolate flowers in bright yellow.

Delightful Blueberry Cake 


Send this cake and delight your loved ones on special occasions. The cake is decorated on top with beautiful edible chocolate flowers and looks appetizing. What more? Order this cake and taste the cake to experience its deliciousness.

The Chocolate-Cherry-Charm Cake

Chocolate and cherries and charm - all in one! What more could you ask for in order to make a special occasion even more special? This cake is made out of your favorite ingredient and topped with your favorite in such a charming manner that the atmosphere of the party will awaken with admiration and craving!

White Forest Fruit Cake

We present to you a creamy white forest cake topped with seasonal fruits. Especially when sending a…