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RakshaBandhan - A special day to shower your love on your Brother & Sister

Country Oven brought you delicious cakes and some handcrafted gifts to celebrate this Rakhi day 2022.  Stop quarreling with your brother for some time. Rakhi is around the corner. So, stop fighting with your brother. If so, you will definitely miss some beautiful gifts on Rakhi day. Just kidding 😊😂   RakshaBandhan is one of the most celebrated festivals in many parts of India by all ages. It is a special day celebrating the eternal bonding between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated in the Shravana month during the full moon day also known as Purnima. Bonding between brothers and sisters is always an extraordinary and unique feeling filled with endless arguments. Above all, the brother-sister bonding has an abundance of love, caring, and sharing.    Want to surprise your siblings on RakshaBandhan with customized Rakhi day special cakes and gifts?    Country Oven brought you a series of delicious cakes and heart-crafted gifts for your brothers and sisters. To make Rakhi celebration

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