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Diwali Chocolate Cake Hamper Exclusive Mugs Hamper for Diwali Red Square Chocolates 200 gms

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Gifts For Dussehra

Dussehra Gifts Ideas 2019 in Hyderabad
Gifts For Dussehra in Hyderabad Indians love celebrations. Festivals are one such occasion Indians would wait to celebrate. Indian is known for its diversity of customs, religion, and associated festivals. One such big festival wherein people come together to celebrate is DUSSEHRA. The festival of Dussehra, also called Vijayadashami, is an Indian festival celebrated across the country. Dussehra celebration is filled with joy. It is the time when people forget and forgive. It the time when people offer special prayers and food to the Gods. It is celebrated by people across the nation with full enthusiasm by all, young and old.
Why is Dussehra a celebration?
Dussehra is celebrated at the end of Navaratri every year. It is observed on the 10th day in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, the seventh month of the Hindu Luni-Solar Calendar, which typically falls in the months of September and October. Dussehra celebrates the victory of Ram, a Hindu God,…

Dussehra Gifts in Hyderabad

2 Line Ruby Pendant Set 2 Line Emerald Pendant Set Al Rifai Almond Mix 150 gms Hamper Al Rifai Cheese Mix 150 gms Hamper Golden Dial Golden Metal Strap Watch Silver Dial & Leather Strap Watch Gifts For Dussehra

Best Cartoon Cakes Online in India

Furious Five Photo Cake Tigress, Viper, Crane, Mantis and Monkey are in the midst of serious action in this photo cake. Celebrate your little kiddo’s birthday with this audacious furious five photo cake and have an action packed birthday party. Order this cake in your choicest flavor.

Cake Shape:Rectangle Terence Angry Bird Photo Cake Finding a cake for kids is only half the battle. Choosing the design is the trickier part. So, it is vital that you make the cake as magical as possible. Therefore, it is imperative you choose the perfect cake for this special day. Order this Terence Angry Bird Photo Cake and delight your kid on his special day.

Cake Shape:Rectangle McQueen and Sally Photo Cake This adorable photo cake of McQueen and sally is sure to be loved by one and all. Send this cake to the special someone in your life and etch a cute and memorable moment in your memory lane.

Cake Shape:Rectangle Gladsome Tom and Jerry Cake Make the Birthday boy or girl enjoy their cake cutting momen…

Ganesh Gifts 2019 Online in Hyderabad

Musical Ganesha Set SKU :COGSC140
Vendor Code: COGANESH014
Musical Ganesha Set
Send this adorable musical Ganesh set to loved ones and wish them good luck on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. The set contains 4 beautifully crafted idols of Ganesha playing Flute, Tabla, Harmonium and Dhol. Each idol is made of polyresin material and is of size 5.5 inches (approx).
The musical Ganesha set includes:
Musical Ganesh with Tabla (COGANESH010)Musical Ganesh with Harmonium (COGANESH011)Musical Ganesh with Flute (COGANESH012)Musical Ganesh with Dhol (COGANESH013)
Flute and Harmonium Ganesh with Laddu SKU :COGSC175
Vendor Code: COGANESH042
Flute and Harmonium Ganesh with Laddu
On the occasion of Ganesh pooja wish your friends and family with this amazing combo of Musical Ganesha idol and mixed cookies.
The combo includes:
Musical Ganesh with Flute (COGANESH012)Musical Ganesh with Harmonium(COGANESH011)Special Motichoor Laddu - 500 gms (COCAK166)
Dhol and Tabla Ganesh with…