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   Send Sweets Online to INDIA   Sweets and Savouries Home Delivery in INDIA The sweetness, joy, and delight that  Traditional Sweets to India  bring can barely be replicated by anything else. These sweets, made especially with milk, ghee, and other ingredients are one of the reasons why the world loves India! Come, celebrate occasions with our excellent selection of Traditional Sweets.

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Chocolate with Finesse Chocolate-with-Finesse SKU :COCAK604 This cake brings sophistication on the plate. Made with different types of chocolate and decorated delicately with a cherry and ribbons of white chocolate, this chocolate cake describes finesse and elegance - it talks about how beauty lies in simplicity. Celebrate precious moments gracefully with this enchanting chocolate cake! Rich Chocolate Photo Cake Rich Chocolate Photo Cake SKU :COCAK994 This is absolutely a crazy version of rich chocolate cake and a photo on this chocolate cake would be really awesome! Minnie Mouse Cake Minnie Mouse Cake SKU :COCAK841 Years may pass by and fashion may evolve but Minnie Mouse will remain the ultimate diva in the Disney world. Buy this cake for the diva in your house and turn her birthday into a spectacular event for her. Give her another surprise by choosing the flavor she loves the most! White Creamy Cake White Creamy Cake SKU :COCAK768 T