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Send Theme Cakes to Hyderabad

Richie Rich Cake

Do you remember Richie Rich and his Dollar shaped garden? We have a cake shaped just like that. Stylish and elegant, we offer a wide range of flavors that you can choose from. Simply tell us what you want in your order and we'll create just that.
Vendor Code: CO433
LV Cake
LV is a fashion brand that every girl goes crazy for and we are sure you have one friend like that in your gang. Gift her this yummy cake with the logo copied in icing and watch her oooh and ahhh at the beauty of it!
Vendor Code: CO421
Ferrari Cake
For the friend who loves Ferrari, there can be no better birthday cake! With the logo neatly copied in icing and the cake made with extra care, we guarantee that this cake will bring you smiles, happiness, and cheers!
Vendor Code: CO430
iPhone Surprise Cake
Surprise your little one with this iPhone cake and watch him jump up and down in ecstasy. While you may not want to buy him an actual…