Congratulations for a newborn!

A baby is a blessing. Blessing for the entire family. The mother loves the baby, the father can do anything for them, and grandparents will give away their whole life for her/him. Nowadays the family wants to celebrate this joy with everyone around the community. They have parties and celebrations for this joyous occasion. Thus, we have new born baby cakes. The cakes are presented to add to the colour of celebration of the family. The family can cut the cake and have this as a token of the joy for the whole community. 

Chota Bheem Cake - 2 KgCakes can be fun or conventional. Conventional cakes can usually be like chocolate or vanilla flavour. Obviously it is not the baby’s choice. It is usually the parent’s choice. Anyway this happens the whole life of the child. This is just the beginning! 
Some parents want fun cake to have an awesome look on the cake. Like the blocks and trains cake, they are decorated in a very funny manner. The blocks and train of the edible materials are made and placed on the top surface of the cake. Find all your guests going ‘awww!’ Isn’t that what you wanted?
Thomas Cook Engine Cake - 3KgSomething like a Thomas cook engine cake is even fancier. The baby is anyway going to watch the TV show his entire childhood. Then why not begin his amazing life with this fancy cake. Sometimes these fun cakes are so cute, that you might not even want to cut! 

So for celebrating the incredible joy of having a baby in a family, bring these congratulatory cakes for the party that is going to happen. And watch all your guests go ‘awwww!’ 


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